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An Invitation to the

2017 COBRA and Federal Compliance
Complimentary Workshop

Developed specifically for Doyle & Ogden Clients
Presented by – Matt Isbell

May 9, 2017
1pm – 4pm

Location: Calvin Christian Reformed Church
700 Ethel St., Grand Rapids, MI

R.S.V.P by April 28th

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Another year and new sets of regulations to deal with.  We understand that with staff cuts and educational budgets tight, keeping yourself educated on COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA and the Affordable Health Care Act is a challenge.  But, we must make the time, whether you self-administer or outsource.

Join Doyle & Ogden Insurance Advisors along with Matt Isbell for an afternoon with no employee interruptions, no telephones ringing, and no COBRA notices to complete.

When you attend, I guarantee the following:

  • You WILL know how to administer all aspects of compliance administration!
  • You WILL leave the seminar with greater confidence in your abilities!
  • You WILL experience a positive approach to education – no doom and gloom!
  • You WILL understand that outsourcing does NOT prevent violations!

The goal is to help you improve your skills in the area of federal compliance.  No scare tactics, no sales promotions, just great information presented in a style that will maximize your learning and success.

COBRA Workshop Agenda

  • COBRA IRS Audit Requirements
  • Complete examination of COBRA & HIPAA notifications
  • Coordination between COBRA and FMLA
  • 60-44-60-45 Timeline Review
  • Five steps to cutting COBRA costs
  • Effectively managing your relationship with your outside COBRA administrator
  • Confidently administering late divorce notifications
  • Coordinating severance packages with COBRA
  • Understanding how the HIPAA special enrollment rules work with COBRA
  • Steps to avoiding COBRA lawsuits
  • Integrating state continuation coverage
  • Special Medicare Entitlement Rule
  • Building your confidence on ALL aspects of COBRA premium requirements
  • Medicare and how it applies to COBRA coverage
  • How one COBRA procedural change can save thousands of dollars in claims

Your Partner in Compliance Education, Matt Isbell

Widely regarded as one of the leading compliance experts in the country, Matt
has been helping employers, benefit administrators, COBRA administration companies, and even members of the IRS and DOL with COBRA for the past 24 years.  Matt has a passion for education which makes his programs not just a seminar, but according to the past attendee, “an event not to be missed.”

Matt brings these laws down to what he calls “street level”, providing practical and straightforward answers to your questions.  His use of humor and real life stories, help the attendee integrate the COBRA law into their own lives which brings the dull and boring law to life in a way the attendee can better comprehend.

Both rookie and veteran administrators come to the workshop and leave with a greater confidence in their abilities and had some fun along the way.