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During the months September through November, deer are more likely to be crossing
over roads. This increase in movement is due to their mating season and hunting season. You should always be on the lookout for animals crossing in front of you, but be especially alert during this time.

Do you know what to do when you see a deer about to run in front of your vehicle? We’ve put together some safety tips for your commute.

  • S l o w d o w n. Driving slower through wooded areas or other common environments for deer will increase the chance that your commute doesn’t involve a crash. Allowing you more reaction time if the crash is inevitable, by traveling at a lower speed, should result in less of an impact and therefore less damage to your vehicle.
  • Use your high beams. When you’re driving at night (and as long as there aren’t any oncoming vehicles) use your high beams to see the road better and to see any deer that might be about to cross in front of you.
  • Scan the road. Continuously watch the road and ditches for deer that could potentially jump into the road. Thus giving you more reaction time to avoid the deer and a costly accident.
  • Be aware. Deer travel in packs, so if you see one there are probably many more. Keep an eye on animal crossing signs too. These are good indicators that you’re entering an area that has a high amount of animal traffic. Accidents happen, in case of a collision, don’t try to move the animal just call an emergency service.

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