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car driving in the snow
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For some driving in the winter can be scary to say the least. Doyle and Ogden wishes to help you stay safe and have peace of mind with these winter driving tips.

  • Keep your gas tank full. Letting your gas get low can be dangerous, if you run out with no gas station in sight you might be stuck walking in the cold.
  • It’s always a good idea to keep warm clothes and an emergency kit in your vehicle in the event that you run out of gas or have car problems. Being prepared is essential in the harsh winter weather.
  • Washer fluid is great for keeping your windshield clear, keep it full.
  • Ensuring that you can see out all your windows and mirrors is very important. That’s why we recommend clearing off your entire car of snow before driving anywhere. Including headlights and tail lights, allowing you to see and most importantly to be seen by other drivers.
  • When you’re ready to hit the road allow adequate room between you and the car in front of you. Don’t follow to closely. Snow, ice, hail, and rain all make for poor driving conditions taking more time than normal to stop.
  • Lastly, slow down! This will give you more time to react on those slippery roads. Applying gas and braking slowly are very important to regaining traction and reducing risks.

Drive carefully and prevent crashes! At Doyle & Ogden we understand that accidents happen, so be prepared. Contact us for a free quote on your auto insurance today.