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We have put together a few tips on how to put money back in your pocket but not sacrifice comfort during the cold winter months. New homeowners or not, everyone in West Michigan should review these money saving tricks this winter. Stop heating the outside; keep your heat inside your home.

  1. Regularly replace your heater’s air filter – Air filters on average cost $4-$15 but when you have a professional come out and tell you your filter needs to be replaced it is about $100 for the service call.
  2. Lower the temperature on your water heater – Did you know that the average water heater is preset at 140 degrees but easily can be turned down to 120 degrees without a drastic change in water temperature? This means your water heater will spend less time heating your water.
  3. Check your homes insulation – Newly and properly replaced insulation can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. You are able to pick up a roll of insulation for about $15 at your nearest hardware store.
  4. Install a programmable thermostat –  Programmable thermostats have become more popular due to their energy savings. They seem to be more reliable and accurate as well.  By manually programming your thermostat you are able to control the temperature in the house based on when you are home.  Installing a new programmable thermostat alone can save individuals up to $150 per year.
  5. Replace weather stripping – Around windows and doors, drafts can account for up to 40 percent of heating loss. Patch up those drafts with new weather stripping that can be purchased for about $5 at your local home improvement stores.
  6. Have you noticed any drafts around your external electrical boxes? – To eliminate these pesky air leaks remove cover plates and fit acrylic latex caulk into tiny openings.
  7. Cover your windows – Did you know that windows account for about 25% of air leaks in homes?  By placing clear plastic wrap around older or unused windows it helps keep cold air out. Plastic films are inexpensive and easy to apply to windows. They do not affect your trim on your windows and can end up saving you about 14% on your heating bill.
  8. Use a portable heater – The amount it costs to run a portable heater is about 14-20 cents per hour. By purchasing a space heater and turning the thermostat down, you stay warm but are cutting your heating bill and you avoid paying to heat rooms that aren’t in use.
  9. Look into a tankless water heater –  Did you know that tankless water heaters could potentially save you up to 20% off your water bill?  Tankless water heaters heat water on demand so you never run out of hot water.
  10.  Take advantage of the natural heating source, the sun – When the sun is shining make sure to open up curtains and blinds so it helps to permeate heat into your home.  Allow the sun to do the work, not your heater.

We hope these tips are helpful and save you money!  Doyle & Ogden Insurance is the “Single Source Solution” for all your insurance needs.  Contact us today for a quote.  616-949-9000 or