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Life insurance discussions bring  an instant surge of ‘anxiety’. 

Thoughts of “What would happen to my loved ones”?  Who can I trust to help me determine how much I need? How many years would I need this benefit….at this level?  Where does this premium fit in my financial budget today?   In ten years?

These are all everyday questions for everyday people. Start the process by asking your self these simple questions:

Burial Costs –                                   Do I have savings set aside or do I need to insure this potential cost?

Household Continuance –           How much will be needed to provide for my household and prevent undue hardship in my absence?  For how many years?

Extraordinary Expense –               College – Wedding – Home Improvement – Family relocation?

Current Savings                                How much money/investments  do I have put aside already?

Once you have thought about your needs and responsibilities, you are ready to speak to with  a

Licensed Life Agent who will develop a plan to cover all of your concerns.