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Contact Tracing for Restaurants

On October 30, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS)  released the Epidemic Order indicating “all dine-in food service establishments” must maintain accurate records of the names and phone number of patrons who purchase food for consumption o...
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Unique Challenges Facing Businesses During Covid-19

Unique Challenges Facing Businesses During Covid-19 As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times, we recognize that each business is experiencing unique challenges. Whether your business has furloughed workers, shifted to teleworkers, ceased operations or is now...
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Michigan Home Insurance Laws

Michigan Homeowners Insurance Laws

  The laws surrounding homeowners insurance or home insurance (as it is legally referred to by the state of Michigan) are not complex by any means. Michigan has purposely kept laws surrounding home insurance simple while still putting guidelines in place to ensure nearly...
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Auto Insurance Rate Increase

Reasons For Auto Insurance Rate Increases

  Sometimes you can predict when your auto insurance premiums are going to rise and other times a rate increase will hit you completely by surprise. While an increase in your insurance premiums could be related to your driving record, it’s also possible that a rate increase...
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Three swimmers with life jackets hopping off of a boat

Lakeside Living – Protecting your Retreat

  Lakeside living means fun in the sun and on the water with your family, but it also means you own a home and maybe some toys, that requires specialized insurance coverage. So, before you put your dock in, take the first cruise on your pontoon, or consider letting your...
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Boat maneuvering through the water

Not All Boat Policies Hold Water

  Whether you use your boat for water-skiing, fishing, or relaxing one thing is for sure there are many different types of boats and just as many ways to insure them.  Your coverage should be tailored to you and how you use your boat. Before you purchase boat insurance or...
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Pipes exposed in a trench

Do You Have Service Line Coverage?

  As a homeowner, there are many items to consider with the on-going maintenance and upkeep of your property, and while a basic homeowners insurance policy protects your home, these policies most often exclude your underground service lines. These lines include the piping...
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What Do A.M. Best Ratings Mean?

AM Best rating services assess or report on the creditworthiness of over 16,000 insurance companies internationally. If you’re looking for a reliable way to validate an insurance company’s reputation and financial stability, AM Best is the place to start. But exactly...
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Trucking accident damage

Owner Operator’s Trucking Insurance Lapses

  Every carrier should have a check and balance system in place that verifies that the Non Trucking Liability, Physical Damage and Occupational / Accident insurance coverage is current at all times. Unfortunately, there isn’t insurable interest for the carrier to attach to...
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Fleet of trucks

ELD Mandate – Frequently Asked Questions

Delays at the loading dock, do we have to report the time? Whether it’s a delay at the shipper or traffic jam, the ELD will be running. A driver is considered on duty the moment the truck starts to move at a speed higher than 5 MPH. Once a driver is dispatched from the terminal...
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