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If you haven’t asked yourself this question take a few minutes and write down what the plan might be.

Consider these categories:


  • Do I have written instructions as to which assets will need to be spent and in what sequence?
  • How much of my estate will have to be ‘spent down’ before I am eligible for Medicaid care?
  • Do I want Medicaid care?
  • Will there be any assets to pass on to family members


  • Which of my children or relatives have enough time away from their families and work to oversee my daily care?


  • Do I want to have control over my care and remain independent as long as possible?

Long Term Care Planning should be an ‘integral’ part of the ‘Senior Living Phase’ of your life. Questions like, where will I live?, where are adequate medical services available?, or where is my ‘social network’?  are important.

Remember, you can be denied coverage if you have certain pre-existing medical conditions. So, make these decisions and act while you are healthy and insurable. Don’t wait start planning today and enjoy the peace of mind that will bring.

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