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Commercial Property Insurance 101

What is commercial property insurance? Commercial property insurance, or business property insurance, is a policy that protects your business or commercial assets. Commercial property insurance can pay to repair or replace stolen, lost, or damaged business property including...
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two women reviewing business liability insurance policy

Business Liability Insurance 101

What is Business Liability Insurance? Business liability insurance offers financial protection for business owners and companies to deal with third-party claims or lawsuits. Good insurance policies will also cover any liabilities or expenses associated with the legal process....
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Cyber Liability Insurance for Businesses

Cyber liability insurance is an increasingly important protection for modern businesses. Here’s what you should know about it.  What Is Cyber Liability Insurance? Cyber liability insurance is coverage that helps protect businesses’ most valuable asset—their data—from things like...
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Second home insurance guide. House by a lake.

Insuring a Second Home: Vacation Home Insurance Guide

Vacation Home Insurance Guide Are you thinking about purchasing a vacation home, such as a lake house? If so, you’ll need to learn about secondary home insurance, and this guide will likely answer many of your questions. Purchasing a second home is similar to buying your primary...
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medigap insurance coverage

Understanding Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Coverage and What it Means For You

Have you ever asked yourself a question like: “What is Medigap insurance?” or, “Can I change medicare supplement plans anytime?”  Anyone asking these sorts of questions has probably opened a bill from a healthcare provider and been surprised to see a surprise out-of-pocket cost....
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independent insurance agent

Benefits of Working with an Independent Insurance Agent

If you’re like the majority of people researching the best independent insurance agency and the best insurance agent for you and your loved ones, it’s common to have lots of questions. With the expertise of your next agent at the front of your mind, it’s a good idea to weigh the...
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Guide to Renters Insurance: Everything to Know Before Renting

What Is Renters Insurance? Renters insurance protects people who rent their homes in case their personal belongings are damaged, destroyed, or stolen. It also protects tenants from having to pay out of pocket if someone else is injured in their rental home. Whether you live in an...
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5 Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Premium Might Increase

Why Is My Car Insurance So High? There are many factors that affect your car insurance rates. They typically fall into two categories: factors within your control, and factors outside of your control. Car Insurance Premium Factors Within Your Control Type of vehicle: The type of...
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water leaking out of pipe

Winter Leak Prevention & Detection

Does homeowners insurance cover water pipe leaks? Yes, it does. All leaks coming out of pipes in your home should be covered, even if your refrigerator line leaks or the dishwasher overflows. But leaks involving groundwater are a different issue, and you should review with your...
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Umbrella Insurance & Additional Liability Coverage

How does umbrella insurance work? Umbrella insurance is a liability insurance that protects you & your family from third party claims. It adds an additional limit of insurance over top of the liability limits on your home and auto policies.  Umbrella insurance is a...
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